"Reaching people to the Lord Jesus Christ."


"The Christian and the Hindu"

  I became friends with a Hindu from India with some technical issues with my computer.  He is a Computer engineer. A very intelligent mild mannered, polite and unique individual.  Somehow over time we communicated by electronic means and became friends.  I spoke of my views on Christianity and he on Hinduism.  We do not share the same understanding of each other's views about the end of life, but apart from that we grew to have a mutual respect for each other.  It seemed the more we communicated we each were fascinated by the other many thousand's of miles away across many oceans.

     Now the interesting part of this story is I needed API integration for an application that adds to a website translations of the Bible to be spread worldwide.  My computer knowledge did not encompass that technology.  In other wording there is coding and ways to add information through electronic means if you understand what's called JS or Java Script.

     As we communicated each day we grew to know what we each were doing. He offered his help to me.  I tried to pay for his services but he said he couldn't take money from a friend.  I have always thought as religion that what I believe was narrow minded in how I perceived other religions.  There is good  in any religion that believes in Almighty God.  Mythology, multicultural laguages, different dialects of which there is over 6000 in the world have through centuries of our existence changed and distorted the definition and beliefs of the major religions of the world.  As a Christian I may not understand his way of but he showed me more humanity than many of so called Christians in my area.  I wondered on this as God then enabled this man a Hindu to help me build and incorporate the entire Holy Bible with an application of the American Bible Society.

  When this process was completed my two websites were brought to life with the actual backbone structure of my ministry, the Holy Bible, yet a Hindu was kind enough to help me.  I may not agree nor understand his beliefs but he helped me to be able to spread Christianity worldwide from a global perspective.  I now have incorporated into my websites design the entire Bible in different versions and translations.  His partner a Christian finished the final process but he was the link between the beginning and the end.  I call this the Alpha and Omega of The Holy Bible Ministries.  Now as I continue my recordings I find that the ways of Almighty God are mysterious and fascinating how through people of different customs and beliefs can bring to life glory to God.

     Then in the API, Application Programming Interface with Faith comes by hearing he worked for days accomplishing coding for that integration. Well it didn't work as my website would not accomodate PHP coding.  He typed hours after hour of coding to be defeated.  Then he showed me a picture of a child and it dawned on me I needed enough information to guide others the Faith comes by hearing, the largest audio Bible ministry in the world.  They go into remote areas of the world and translate different tongues or spoken language to the Holy Bible to be listened too. So I decided to put enough information to guide the world to this site and to me I am victorious and with my Hindu friend we accomplished a project and were not defeated by the devil.  The devil I don't capitalize that word will use technology to try to stop anyone from spreading the Word!

  In my society is a saying that if in a lifetime you have as many true friends as the fingers on one hand you are blessed, one of my fingers is a Hindu. I have given study on Hinduism and even though they believe in Brahma and Krishna, actually three gods.  Is this the Trinity, the Godshead.  The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit in another culture.  Is it just mixed up over thousands of years?  It is a very old religion.  The population is 79% Hindus in India.  Christianity is spreading there.  I see a correlation of a religion thousands of years old, is it that through history what they believe has been passed down, can we not judge or treat them badly?  To spread our belief of Christianity to them and if they accept or reject that is their right to believe as they wish.  This Hindu man taught we diligence, determination like I have never seen as he did coding and his eyes grew tired he still tried with everything in him to help me to spread a religion that he is not.  Is that not humanity?  I realize my judgmental views about another religion I may not understand or agree fully but it must be understood for the spreading of Christianity.  How can we spread Christianity if we do not understand their beliefs or educate ourselves on other religions of this world!  If we read the ways of other religions do not we educate ourselves as Christians and followers of Christ how to lead others.  We must not blindly try to spread our beliefs if we first don't try to understand them.

     I want a record of the history of my ministry, The Holy Bible Ministries to be read by other's and see the need that really all of us and a member of humanity can do something for good for our fellow man.  And it is so written in the Bible.  Judge not, lest ye be judged, that is true.  This acknowledgement to my true friend Mithun, the Hindu  from India who through his life and education helped me to be able to further the spread and understanding of Christianity.  I give God the glory as myself and this man were brought together to advance the Kingdom of Almighty God.  

   Thank you my friend, the Hindu man who taught me humility yet I am a Christian!

"And how shall they preach, except they be sent?  as it is written.  How beautiful are those that preach the  gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!  Romans 10:15.  

And it is written, So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God."  Romans 10:17

This ministry believes and states that "one soul is worth the whole world."