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The Holy Bible Ministries


Psalm XVI, Praise and music

"The Dream", Scripture and music

Prayer for mankind

Scripture of encouragement, prayer and music

The Holy Bible Ministries "It's mission"

Scripture, Genesis 1:1-8 and music

Scripture, prayer and music

A new Day and music

A prayer for a friend, Matthew 3:1-17, 7:1-14 and music

Genesis 1:1, Revelation 22:21 and music

Scripture Mark 11;22-26 and music

The Lion and the Lamb Revelation 5;1-14

Psalm 18;1 and music

Scripture, Inspiration and music

A prayer and The lonely walk.

Scripture, John 3:16-21, John 11:17-27 and music

Scripture, A prayer and music

Scripture and music

Scripture, praise for my wife's love and music