"Reaching people to the Lord Jesus Christ."

The Analogy of the garden

My grandmother's garden

   I can vividly remember as a young boy, maybe like 10 years old. We would visit my grandmother on her farm in the country.  She raised all kinds of beautiful to me healthy vegetables.  I can remember picking and eating them right there in that garden.

  She kept her garden hoed without grass from choking her plants from growing and she was able to nurse her plants with water and love so that they flourished.

  She had a herd of what was called razorback hogs that were more like wild hogs than ordinary pigs.  Her fence that surrounded that garden was rusted barb wire and wire fencing.  Whenever a hole would get in the fence she would place a tattered wooden slat in the hole to keep the hogs from getting into her garden.  I can remember there were slats of all sizes stuck at all sorts of angles that one could imagine.

  What I remember the most was that I never saw a hog get into her garden and that fence even broken down, tattered with slats and weathered held back the ravenous hogs from destroying that garden.

  The point I am trying to make is life is like that fence even one's life may seem broken and tattered like that old fence but the Lord Jesus Christ will place a slat like my grandmother did to form a hedge of protection around her treasured garden. The Word of God is that protection, those slats, for us and the power of going to the Lord in prayer.  He will always  be there in our trials and struggles even though we think He may of deserted us. He protects His children from the ploys of the devil.

  I can recall this memory as clearly as I can a memory from mere yesterday and it has been more than 50 years since then. I have had so many close calls with death but that protection has held like that old fence.  A life's memory that I see was a memory I now understand today, my own life.

              Thank you Lord for your wisdom from my grandmother, a true woman of God!

                                           The ways of Almighty God are mysterious...