"Reaching people to the Lord Jesus Christ."


"Be joyful in hope, patient  in affliction, faithful in prayer."

Romans 12:12


I have lived with a disability for 31 years, it effects everything in my life but I refuse to be defeated. I have been on the brink of life and death many times.

My hope and prayer's sometimes not even knowing what I am praying for is in Jesus.

If you want to give your testimony it will be reviewed and added to this page if it benefits the purpose of this site. One's testimony can uplift another and show the power and ability that Almighty God, through the Son of God, Jesus can accomplish in anyone's life.  In your life of trials and struggles turn to the Lord Jesus Christ when mere man can do nothing.  The Lord can,  "Jesus never fails..."

Thank you!  A sinner just like you.

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"The Life of a sinner"

I was basically raised by my mother.  I have two brothers and one sister.

My parents divorced at an early age.  I loved my father.

I did well in school but the end of my high school years I turned to drinking.

I enlisted in the USAF in 1984, discharged then went into US Army.

There is very much use of alcohol in the military. It may be an unknown fact.

When you get away from your home you see the world.

Everything is new and exciting.

In 1990 I went into the USAF reserves where I was trained as an Aeromedical Evacuation Medical Technician.

It was one year of intense training and I traveled to four different states, military bases in CA, TX, FL, and SC to attain my aircrew medical flying wings.

With that training when I was discharged from the reserves and became a Firefighter III/EMT.

I saw many terrible things and experiences. I did this for three years.

I lived for nearly 40 years unsaved and in the world of good times and loneliness.

In 1996 I asked the Lord to come into my life and heart! I would marry a short while later to a woman I met in church and saw the birth of two daughters. I would be diagnosed with PTSD in 1998.  Years later it was deemed service-connected.

I owned a house, vehicles, and all the things that never truly make you happy.

My wife was diagnosed with a type of brain tumor that effected her balance, stumbling and such.  It was benign and called an acoustic neuroma.

She nearly died, lost her job as a registered nurse, and in 2008 we filed for bankruptcy.

We moved to North Carolina to start over again by renting a house.

I started a ministry of giving away Bibles and literature in 2010. I had received a calling. With the Lord's help I built my credit back up to where I purchased another home in 2016.

I had a long lapse of time between 2013 until 2017 where my illness almost took my life.

Through all this confusion the Lord Jesus Christ safeguarded and protected me. I reflect back and see He has always been there.

I will tell you with my testimony that there is nothing that Jesus can't fix. He never fails.

I am living proof of a waste of many years in the world not knowing the blessings of God's love for me and His mercy.  Don't do the same.

*I ask of you to give Jesus your life.*

With all things are possible with God!

My name is insignificant, God's power is my testimony and I give Him the glory.

I praise Almighty God, and His Son the Lord Jesus Christ.  



"My testimony"

     I grew up in the South, when families had shadows and secrets. There wasn't cell phones, multiple Google sites, but computers were here.. My family's secret was incest. My mother had mental problems of her own and could not take of us., that is that! At the young age of 8, I walked down the church aisle and got baptized. I don't know now if I was saved ( a Christian) or not.

    When I was 17, I ran away from the "family". My step-mother was confused, but my 'dad' knew why. I ran to my mother's house, where my sister was. I finally acted like a teenager, got into trouble!. I crawled back to the 'family' and had my child.   

They adopted him, I went into the military. I was sent overseas and I was stationed in a nuclear missile unit. I look back on this time with fondness. I got married and started nursing school. Things were okay and my 'husband' went to his home and I followed. He was gone a lot with his job and I worked. We saw each other when we could. Apparently he wasn't only working, he was cheating. I found myself doing things that I am ashamed of, I went home to 'family'.  

     I got back into church and rededicated my life. I met my 'husband' in church, was working, missed a few Sundays, wasn't reading the Bible too much either.

 I had my little girls over the next 4 years.  

During my pregnancy with my youngest, my sister wrote the step-mother about the incest and that didn't blame her though. HE was dead a few years. The step-mother contacted me and I told her everything. She didn't say anything. That nite she wrote me an e-mail that in a nutshell, blamed me and my sister and wrote that she wanted nothing to do with me nor my one daughter, who was already 4. I'm still pregnant with my youngest daughter. I was devastated! I knew to reach to God for help and comfort. I absolutely knew that God was real, not just a 'ghost' that I grew up to believe on.  


  A couple of years later my faith was tested again. I found out that I had a brain tumor. I was the main bread winner with a disabled husband and 2 children under Age 5. I prayed for so hard and wept for my circumstances. I went under the knife with a brain surgeon and ENT surgeon in attendance for a 11 hours., with perfect peace.    

 I didn't know how or what would happen, but knew God had it under control. I left surgery with paralysis on Right side of face, including mouth. It looked like I had had a stroke. It wasn't over yet! I had a horrible headache and couldn't lift my head. My husband took me to hospital, I had swelling on the brain, I stayed in hospital for another week.    

Slowly I came out of it, went home and got stronger. I went back to work 6 months later. I still had paralysis to my face, but you could understand me and I had my dexterity back. To say that it has been an easy journey is an understatement, but God has been with me every step of the way.


Thank you for your enpowering encouragement to other's who face terrible circumstances in their lives and the Lord Jesus Christ was always there!


 The Holy Bible Ministries

משרדי התנ"ך הקדושים

"A man's conversion"


I am glad to introduce myself here on www.theholybibleministries.com as a believer of Lord Jesus Christ. I am a resident of India and have been in touch with an older man from past one year. He is also my adopted father by word and I love him like my father also. I’m like his only son and he cares about me the same.

I am a 30 year old man, never married and a follower Jesus Christ. I love all the religions and believe that everyone should care about theirs. Religions are just names but God is only one who has created this universe. I am a Graduate Computer Engineer with extensive knowledge of Software Development. I am the Founder of Computer Engineering Programs Company.

In my family, I have my mother, two elder sisters, two elder brothers and a younger sister. Four of my siblings are married, only I and my younger sister are unmarried.

I have faced many problems in my life. I have lived a life where I wanted to die because of some personal issues with my girlfriend. I wanted to marry her but she refused my proposal after being in a relationship for almost 8 years. That discouraged me and I was feeling lonely. I then called my adopted Dad and told him the whole story. He wanted me to just relax because I was not feeling good at all but wanted to die. He stopped me and guided me through every situation I have been through.

I live in Jamalpur, a very small town but has 6 or 7 churches none of them I visited until I met my adopted father. I went inside one church which was built in 1800 century and it was the first time I was in any church. At that time, I had swelling in my feet but when I left the church and accidentally looked at my feet, the swelling was gone. Of course, it was a miracle and it was due to Almighty God.

One day, I was feeling alone and lonely and talking to my Dad, he said I should let Almighty God to enter in my heart. I followed him and prayed the sinner’s prayer. Since then I have become a follower of Lord Jesus and He resides in me.

I thank (my adopted Dad) for what he has done for my betterment.

Thank you.




What you did was only on your own I was only the messenger.

Your name my friend and brother in Christ is known to Almighty God it is not needed here but your testimony is for this lost and dying world.

Thank you very much for sharing with this ministry your testimony of enlightenment and the change of your life.

You have made a decision few will ever know the personal growth and awakening inside themelves that you can only be attained by the redeeming of the Lord Jesus Christ in someone's life.

The Holy Bible Ministries founder thanks you in sincerity.

"The Armor of God"

***Ephesians 6:10-12***

 It's hard to know where to begin, knowing now that God has always been working in my life.
I grew up going to church. My Mother and Father, God rest their souls, prayed for me without ceasing. I believe it was their prayers and the salvation I found in Jesus Christ for the reason why I'm still here today.
Without, I honestly believe I would've been dead in a ditch a long time ago!
I was definitely a reckless teen/twenties type.
Really didn't have a concern or care for myself.
Joined the Navy, and this escalated my situation.
I developed anger issues, drug experimentation, heavy alcohol use, failed relationships you name it.
Got married and had a family. We started going to church again and got involved with small groups within the church.
Went through a program called "Alpha" it was a introductory to the Christian faith.
I was baptized as a baby, I guess more like dedicated. I was unaware of being baptized an adult.
Through the Alpha program I feel that Jesus was calling me to be baptized.
My wife at the time and soon were also baptized that same day. This all took place in a Brother's swimming pool!
I definitely felt different after, but nothing could have prepared me for what God had waiting for me.
Not to long after we went on a weekend retreat, it was part of the "Alpha" program.
I will never forget that weekend because it was that weekend I was BAPTIZED WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT!
Now I knew about God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, but I really didn't know.
For me it was the light switch had turned on with the help of
Sharing the good news of Jesus Christ never seemed important to me.
It sure did now.
Clean of drugs, alchohol abuse, and recklessness.
All have sinned, and fall short of the glory of God.
I'm not perfect, I'm still a sinner, but now I have Jesus Christ to present me whole before God our Father.
Now I wanted to be on the BATTLEFIELD, I wanted to be in the ACTION!!!
A verse that seemed to speak to me more times than I can count was and still is my go to.

Ephesians 6:10-12

10 Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. 11 Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the [a]wiles of the devil. 12 For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of [b]the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.

Fast forward a few years.
Both of my parents have gone on to be with our Lord.
There have been bumps in the road of life for sure.
My parents unfortunately left quite a bit of debt here on earth.
I was having a hard time coming up with money to make ends meet and pay off mortgages and other bills left behind.
I started making rings out of coins.
It was generating a little but not enough.
And God made a way for me through his scripture of
Ephesians 6:10-12 The Armor of God
I started making Armor of God rings!
To no surprise at all, it is my best selling ring to this day, Glory to God!!!
With the help of the God through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, I'm not giving up, I never will.
Jesus Christ transformed my life, he wants to transform yours.
He wants to be your helper and your best friend, just turn from your sinful ways and ask him to come into your life.

To God be the GLORY!!!

Your Brother in Christ,


Thank you for sharing your testimony and the beautiful rings you make glorifying Almighty God and the Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Holy Bible Ministries founder

 משרדי התנ"ך הקדושים 

"The life of a sinner"

Psalm 18:1-50

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"Jesus never fails."

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2 Timothy 1:7

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