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Faith Comes by Hearing

The ministry of Faith Comes By Hearing

  We have been an ambassador for Faith Comes By Hearing since 2010.  Faith Comes By hearing is the largest audio Bible ministry in the world.  They have Bible recordings in 1.274 languages spoken by 6.1 Billion people.  Over 85 million people in virtually every country have been reached by their programs.

***We are honored they accepted and gave us permission to integrate their API into our website.***

Thank you from The Holy Bible Ministries

Faith Comes By Hearing, New Testament (English)

Old Testament

Faith Comes By Hearing Neuvo Testamento (Espanol)

Antiguo Testamento

On this website it will never be about any real accomplishment by man or any one individual as the glory must and always stay constant and unchanging, to glorify Almighty God and the Son, the Lord Jesus Christ!

It will never glorify man, but how God uses man.

Christianity, must and always be as that of the Word, the Holy Bible.

By using spoken, written, electronic and any form of communication necessary, achieved or present to spread the Gospel.

That is Christianity!